I would like to see and test the phone box before buying. Would it be possible?

Of course, that’s an option. Our Phone Box is available at recognized office furniture sales in Zealand, and all off our partners have exhibition models designed for the purpose. Find your nearest retailer HERE and arrange a visit and inspection of the PhoneAlone Phone Box – You will be pleasantly surprised.

How many Phone Boxes do I need for my business?

No offices are alike. Therefore, the number of boxes is always up to you to evaluate. We recommend one box per 10 employees. If you still have doubts, feel free to contact our experienced dealers who can advise you on how to set up and make the most of your office space.

How does your 100 day return policy work?

Hopefully you and your company will be so pleased with your Phone Box that you will keep it and maybe order additional Phone Boxes. Otherwise, you can return the box within 100 days – then PhoneAlone will refund your purchase. When returning, please contact us first – then we will agree on how the return process should take place. Please also read terms of condition.

What will it cost to have the Phone Box delivered?

The cost of delivery is included in the box retail price of 19,900. We partner with a private freight company who delivers the box to your business.

Can I rent the PhoneAlone Phone Box?

No – PhoneAlone Phone Box cannot be rented, but it can be leased for the low cost of DKK 399 a month without down payment. See our website under leasing for more information.

What if I still have questions about the PhoneAlone Phone Box?

Our FAQ is a selection of questions other customers have asked us. If your question does not appear on the page, we look forward to answering it. Call us on +45 31 18 29 10 or send us an email at ks@phonealone.dk.





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