We have created the Telephone Box, as our vision and desire are to increase well-being and health in the office workplaces.

As open office landscapes become more widespread, the need for solutions like ours becomes more important. We have therefore created a product that, in comparison with others in the market, is in a price range that is more tangible. We believe that being happy and being able to find peace during the working day should be possible for everyone.

It’s not just well-being that we at PhoneAlone strive to improve. We are also constantly working to make our product more environmentally and climate friendly.


We have already taken the first steps towards making our product more environmentally and climate friendly by using energy-saving solutions in our boxes. The design of the phone box is timeless and fits into any office environment. We have done this to minimize both replacement and additional production. We therefore take responsibility for our product’s environmental impact throughout its lifetime, and we will work continuously to improve this.


  • Having a stylish design that minimizes replacement and reduces additional production
  • Use of materials of the best possible quality, ensuring a long service life
  • Use of materials that all have the right EU approved certifications
  • Install sensors so that unnecessary light and ventilation power is not used in the boxes
  • Implementation of LED as a light source, as this reduces power consumption and thus also emission
  • Having a ventilation system designed to use as little energy as possible


We are in ongoing dialogue with our manufacturer, so that in the long term we can replace the phone box materials for more environmentally friendly alternatives. At the same time, we focus on our logistics and other activities as we will take responsibility for the entire life cycle of our product.

We are sure that it will still be possible to offer a product at a tangible price, which also takes into account the environment. We follow the development of sustainable solutions and hope that in the near future we will be able to realize our vision of ensuring higher job satisfaction without compromising price, environment and climate.