1.200 £

Automatic disinfection

Disinfecting your phone booth has never been easier. The PhoneAlone UV solution disinfects all visible surfaces in less than three minutes.

Eliminate bacteria and viruses inside the PhoneAlone booth

A helping hand when cleaning your PhoneAlone booth

Today, keeping the office clean to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses is more vital than ever. This of course also applies to the PhoneAlone phone booths, which is why we have developed an automatic UV solution that disinfects all visible surfaces in the booth after use in less than three minutes. Our revolutionary UV solution is easily installed inside the top of the booth ensuring a carefree use of the PhoneAlone phone booths for everyone in the office. In addition, the UV solution now makes it easier to clean the walls inside the box. All phone booths are lined with felt or other sound absorbing material reducing noise yet making it difficult to clean from bacteria. Now, the walls are easily and smoothly cleaned by the UV solution, which simultaneously functions as an effective helper to the cleaning staff of your business.

How the UV solution works:

Advantages of PhoneAlone UV solution:

Price for automatic UV desinfection solution: 1.200 £

Price for installation: 135£

PhoneAlone's UV solution was developed and thoroughly tested in collaboration with UVC BY EFSEN

Efsen UV & EB Technology is a Danish family-run company that has worked with UV solutions since 1986.


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