Behind the development of PhoneAlone, is an ambitious team led by Kim Siefert, who in the fall of 2018 experienced the challenges of noise and reduced concentration/productivity of his employees, in his own office environment.


The vision with the PhoneAlone phone box is to create a better working environment for the employees, where the focus is on the quality of the individual’s work as well as reducing stress and increasing work satisfaction.


Kim Siefert has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing furniture and fixtures, which brought a real problem to real action and by January 2019 the first prototype of the PhoneAlone phone box was complete, much to the delight of everyone in the office.



It quickly became clear that the solution with PhoneAlone phone box was a great gain in their own office and therefore it was decided that other companies and institutions should of course also have the opportunity to bring a result-creating product like PhoneAlone into their own offices and thereby enhancing their work environment.


This led to the establishment of PhoneAlone Aps.


For Kim Siefert, it was clear that the PhoneAlone phone box had be the best on the market within three categories:


PhoneAlone is a quality product with a focus on Danish design that fits into any office environment.



Reducing noise by 30 dB, making the PhoneAlone phone box the most soundproof phone box in the price range.


  • PRICE:

The price, incl. delivery, on a PhoneAlone phone box is the lowest on the market.

The categories above were important to fulfill so that all types of customers can benefit from a silent phone box for their offices.


Today, PhoneAlone is a well-established company that delivers the phone box within 2 weeks throughout Europe.


At PhoneAlone, we strive to deliver a result-creating product, high quality service and an improved workplace for our customers.


Our passion for the working environment means that we are constantly working to strengthen the current product and at the same time develop new solutions for institutions and open office landscapes.

PhoneAlone – Enhanced focus and productivity – Less noise and stress – A better workspace.

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