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PhoneAlone is the result of a shared family passion for enhancing job satisfaction and productivity in companies worldwide. Behind this family business stands the father-son-duo, Kim and Joakim Siefert. Thanks to them and their dedicated team, PhoneAlone has turned into an essential and treasured part of many businesses. The result: flexible, private rooms allowing creativity, productivity and confidentiality to grow and prosper.

A personal space

In the fall of 2018, we realized that our open office was no longer an ideal workspace, as the noise had reached unprecedented levels that made it difficult for the entire team to focus and be productive. We therefore set out on a mission to change that without redecorating the entire office. A few months later, the PhoneAlone phone booth was born and it quickly turned into a great success with everyone at the office. Since welcoming the first phone booth prototype in January 2019, PhoneAlone has become an indispensable and integrated part of our office providing us with a personal space for immersion and concentration – which we of course wanted to share with the rest of the world.

It quickly became clear to us that the phone booth solution in our open office was a significant gain. Therefore, we decided to offer other business and institutions the solution to a healthier and profitable working environment with the phone booth’s clean danish design and competitive price as a major bonus. This marked the foundation of PhoneAlone Aps. Since then, our products and guidance have been greatly appreciated in the pursuit of a healthy and enjoyable working environment.

”Our vision is to create personal spaces that facilitate a better working environment for businesses and their employees and give space to work undisturbed and efficiently. We want to play an active part in reducing stress and enhancing job satisfaction in all workplaces – big and small.”

- Kim Siefert – CEO and Founder

Our passion is to create a phone booth that qualifies as number 1 on the market on three levels:


PhoneAlone is a high-quality product with a clean danish design that fits into any office.


The phone both reduces noise by 30 decibels, which means that PhoneAlone offers the best sound insulation in its price range.


The price of a PhoneAlone phone booth is the best on the market - and it even includes curbside delivery.

Today, PhoneAlone is a thriving business with its own product development department, production and warehouse, from which our phone booth is delivered all over Europe. This makes a short process from order placement to having the fully assembled phone booth at the office.

Our aim is to deliver a product that generates substantial results and value for our customers and includes outstanding service. This is made possible through our 30 years of experience with development and production of furniture ensuring that our booths are characterized by high quality and functionality.

Playing a vital part in the development of profitable and healthy working environments is our great passion. Therefore, we are constantly working to improve our products and simultaneously design new solutions for all kinds of businesses. As a result, a new device for automatic disinfection of your PhoneAlone phone booth is now available.



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With upgraded sound insulation and acoustic panel walls – Contact us for more info

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