€2.995 including curbside delivery

Your personal space

Step into your personal space

Opening the door to the PhoneAlone booth, you step into your personal space – a space that provides the right setting for a healthy working environment. The booth makes room for immersion, reducing stress and enhancing job satisfaction.
Your conversations remain private and confidential.

Worktable with milling for all devices A functional worktable invites you to bring all your devices to the booth. Place your phone and tablet in the milling for a safe and stable hold. 1 of 8 Ventilation The ventilation system allows you to stay cool inside the phone booth, where a silent fan keeps the air fresh and maintains a pleasant climate inside. 2 of 8 Hinges The door is easily opened and closed through hinges with self and soft close making sure it never slams shut and creates unnecessary noise. 3 of 8 Electricity Afraid to run out of power? No need. Our phone booths contain both power supply and USB plugs, so you’re always reachable and online on all your devices. 4 of 8 Sound isolation We added several layers containing fire retardant and sound absorbing foam to our phone booths to allow you to do your work in peace and ensure your conversations are kept private. 5 of 8 Motion sensors Motion sensor turns on the light and ventilation system as soon as you step inside the phone booth facilitating an ideal use of energy. 6 of 8 Magnetic door The door is held tightly closed through a magnetic seal that provides you with a silent room to work free of any disturbances and noise. 7 of 8 Adjustable feet The phone booth has adjustable feet ensuring an easy installation and maintaining a stable position even on irregular surfaces. 8 of 8

The business world chooses PhoneAlone


Noise and stress reduction

The design and sound insulation of PhoneAlone makes the phone booth the perfect space to increase focus and productivity. By reducing noise by 30 decibels, the booth enables you to concentrate and avoid disturbing your colleagues.

See how Charlie Tango increased the productivity with a phonealone phone booth

Clean design for every company

The PhoneAlone phone booth fits into any office with its clean and modern design. Our +30 years’ experience with furniture production allows us to offer a thoroughly tested product at the very best and most competitive price on the market.

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€2.995 including curbside delivery

Leasing €60 monthly (no down payment)

We make work easier and productive

The dimensions and colours of the PhoneAlone booth makes it fit into every office, big or small: - Height: 220 cm - Width: 100 cm - Depth: 96 cm Available in white, anthracite grey or light oak.

Our phone booth is designed and constructed to fulfill your needs for a comfortable and private room at your office.

With the expertise of 30 years of constructing and designing furniture, we made sure to give the phone booth a clean and lasting look to integrate it easily into any office regardless of style and decor.

The phone booth is easily and quickly assembled once delivered to your office. Need a little help? No problem. An installer can help you set up your booth in no time.


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With upgraded sound insulation and acoustic panel walls – Contact us for more info

Contact us via the contact form or call +45 30 66 93 73 to show the meeting box in our showroom in Copenhagen.


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